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Did a great trip - went VERY smoothly (except for a screaming AC belt every once in a while when accelerating - gotta tighten that up!). No complaints except the occasional cruise control disengagement which I started a thread on on this board. Rough idle is definitely gone except when in Park and Neutral. Smooth as can be when in drive. Got about 17.1 mpg mixed (though mostly highway).

My weird "D" engagement problem I have complained about seems more and more like the dreaded B-2 piston, since it does not happen in "R". So next week I am taking it to the shop to have the transmission and tourque converter flushed, and the B-2 piston replaced (I don't have the time to do it myself), before it fails catastrophically on me. This guy offered me the use of all his lifting equipment in the shop if I decided to do the job myself. Nice! I have been a customer of his for six years.

These are great cars! I had it full of people. What a blast!
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