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dead miss

Problem solved;

I had 2 wires, that I had verified they were in order twice before new plugs were swapped yesterday ( bosch super). During the process I also wiggled all wires and reconnected all connections and cleaned the coil posts. I am not sure what was wrong before I ( did I say I?) crossed the #1 and #4 wires wires but after I fixed whatever it was then it just acted like a dead miss again. Before it wouldn't idle at all. once the phantom problem was corrected, the car idled and was cured by going back to basics and finding that the wrench (myself) had had too many cold beers(who me), therefor correcting his (my) mistakes finally fixed the problem.

Thanks for your help on this one.

To change the subject;
I am currently looking for some bolt on goods for this car. I hear that a 1st gear start and a ASR defeat switch are "must have" goodies. Are these obtainable from any sources that won't make you sit down before you hear the price.
If anyone has any used goodies for sale for one of these (92 500E) either to beef brakes or performance mods, please let me know.

Thanks again for all your help,


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