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Originally Posted by zeggate View Post
You do not state in your conclusion whether you get increased MPG's. What is your gas mileage?
This project is work in progress. Don't hold me to these numbers. My current numbers are not conclusive, however, at 5ATDC ignition retard setting I seemed to be seeing 10 to 12 MPG, at 7BTDC I seem to see improvement to about 14-15, maybe 16 MPG, if my gas gauge is working accurately.
Still pretty bad as compared to cars of today, but normal for V8 cars in 1972.

Once I settle in to a final advance ignition setting I'll try to get a more accurate MPG, but I feel it can't be anymore dismal then what you get at the retard setting. It might not be until spring, it's getting cold here in MA.
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