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A ricer story

At the beginning of the year I heard there was an Ithaca College car club. I knew that it wouldn't be as cool as a bunch of MBCA people or a GTG, but I thought eh whatever it would probably be fun to go to a meeting anyway.

They had a meet back in October which I went to. Little did I realize what I was getting myself into.

This entire club was nothing but ricers. Hondas, Toyotas, Acuras, and a couple of riced up American cars. The guys all saw me pulling in so there was no way I could not make a turn around without making it awkward so I kept going. I pulled into an open spot and got out of my car.

I was completely out of place. At least when I went to Chad's get together it was like I showed up wearing a tux at a black tie affair and everyone was happy to see you. THIS was completely different, almost like showing up in jeans and a t-shirt.

Completely useless body kits, over basses sound systems, chrome, halogen lights, weird shifter knobs, crazy amounts of tint, chrome, lowering kits, mud flaps that had almost half an inch clearance from the road, chrome, slide out DVD players, weird engine improvements, fart can mufflers, ridiculous autozone rims.

I was stuck. I couldn't bail, so I went around and greeted the other guys. I ended up making a ton of friends and now have a bunch of ricey guys appreciating 80s era benzes

While I was walking around there were a handful of guys that had started to congregate around my 300D. So I walked over and said "Hey".

There were in complete awe of my car! They loved the bundts, the 300,000+ mileage, the engine, and the cherry interior! I was completely flattered by it. I told them all my goal was to bring it as close to factory spec as possible (relax guys I won't be pimpin' my ride anytime soon ).

When I was getting ready to leave I saw a stain under my car. I was worried it was from me so I got under my car and touch the stain to see if it was fresh.

This guy came up from behind me and asked, "You leaking something?"

I responded, "I'm not sure, it's dry and it's not from anything obvious."
"Let me take a look." He pushed his finger on it and gave it a lick. I was still looking under the car when he said to me
"Oh man yeah it's your exhaust gasket. Yeah man it's definitely your exhaust gasket."

Now i'm a bit hard of hearing in my left ear and I was listening to him so I was like, "What?"
"It's an exhaust gasket bro."
I almost said back to him what the hell are you talking about, but then I realized he's probably trying to be funny. I said back, "Oh no man the exhaust gasket is fine. I checked it after I replaced my blinker fluid."

He started laughing really hard for some reason (most likely the beer). I started benzy and drove off. Definitely a fun Saturday well spent.

Our GTGs are just much more fun.
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