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My Euro 16 valve, and according to my manual, your US model have a micro switch on the throttle linkage that shuts down the fuel supply when you take your foot off the gas above something like 1700 rpm, and is supposed to pick it up again when it reaches idle speed. This item can be dirty or stuck causing your problem.

It can also be the "idle motor" which is a device for controlling idle speed as only a German engineer could dream up. It resides between the intake runners for the No. 2 and No. 3 cylinders, is about three or so inches in diameter and about five inches or so long. Its function is to regulate air flow at idle, apparently, and on my car it stopped turning. It has an electric motor inside that spins a drum with an orifice arrangement. When they get old and dirty they can stick. Others on the forum have rinsed them out with carb cleaner and some mechanical agitation and put them back in. I had mine replaced quite a while ago and the new one has been pretty good. When they fail the ability to control idle, especially when the air conditioning compressor cycles, is lost.

Good luck, Jim
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