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Need Fluid Specs for 95 E320

I'm the new owner of this car and I want to make sure it's cared for properly. I'm looking for the maintenance specs for this car and find the owner's manual is useless. It tells you to use "Mercedes Benz approved" fluid for engine oil, transmission, coolant, etc. The only good information I have from the manual is that the car uses DOT 4 brake fluid. The manual is obviously written for the person who has the dealer do the work.

I'd like to know if I can use what the local auto store sells. Would someone please tell me what ARE the appropriate fluids to use in this car, and at what intervals (severe service) they should be changed?

One immediate concern is the coolant. It has an orange-brown color to it. I don't know if this is Dexcool, or if it's running pure water and I'm seeing corrosion!
95 E320 Cabriolet, 140K
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