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Exclamation HELP! Bizarre E Class light problem!

I have a 1997 E420. After parking the car I did not shut off the lights completely, but accidentally left it in the position where only the parking lights on the right side of the vehicle are illuminated.
I did not return to the car for an hour or so. Of course, I was pleased that the car stilll started up. The problem is that now, since that time, ONLY the lights on the right side of the vehicle will come on at all! The bubble-eye headlamp and the small lowbeam light on the left side of the car do not come on. Neither does the red taillight on the left side of the car.

When I put the highbeams on, the left small highbeam headlight does come on. Also, all 3 foglights work (front left and right, and rear right). It's just tbe left bubble-eye, left lowbeam, and left rear taillight that all went out at the same time! Cause? Cure? Any guidance would be appreciated!
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