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Let me try and smooth out a couple ideas. Never heard of a warped cast iron fuel distributor. Their problems were corrosion of the upper/lower chamber flex plate. All cast iron distributors HAVE been replaced with aluminum ones to solve the corrosion problem. Cast iron distributors are no longer made.

Fuel pressure is used to prevent vapor locking. Vapor locking causes hard starting when the heat of the engine boils the fuel in the injector. As with pressure cooking the pressure allows the fuel to stay liquid to higher temps. This kind of hot starting problem causes problems from 15min to maybe two hours, not longer. After a couple hours all the fuel system will be below boiling temp and no initial pressure is needed. As witnessed cold, the car starts from zero fuel pressure just fine, as long as there is no vapor lock.

The answer to these problems is to find and repair the leak. The most common problem is the accumulator. The accumulator is the pressure reservoir. When the internal diaphram leaks it causes the problem in two ways. First its activity as a reservoir is reduced plus, second, as a leak any reservoir would be depleted.

Top quality Bosch rebuilts don't cost 1400 from a MB dealer. Fuel distributors are best purchased from MB. Bosch's pricing is outrageous by comparison. I would purchase used before I would buy anything but a Bosch rebuilt.
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