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I assume that there is a safety vent mechanism in the gas cap which will vent when pressure in the tank get's excessive...I am aware of the purge/regeneration valves, and the vent valve outside the tank, but assume that as a safety precaution, the gas cap remains vented, in case the std. vent system get's plugged. I have tried at least 5 different fuel caps...with no improvement.
No, it isn't vented. Remove the cap and look at the underside. It usually says "Ohne Luftung" which means "not vented". Look for leaks as the previous poster wrote. Also, I would make sure the actual lines linked to the vent system are not obstructed (fairly easy to crush these with improper jacking) and that the venting system actually operates as intended. Gas leaking from the fuel cap means either improper seal at the cap or overpressure. Mark
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