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You will also need a #30 torx bit, or a 4mm allen can be used in a pinch, to loosen the air bag bolts. You might have to employ Helen to provide counter force to the wheel when trying to break the large allen retaining bolt, DO NOT try to use the steering wheel lock to hold the wheel while breaking it loose.

I use the 10mm hex socket, with a short extension. This gets the ratchet or breaker right out beyond the wheel rim. Then I come up from under the set up so that I can place the top of my forearm against the business end of the ratchet/breaker, then wrap my hand over to grab the handle end (sound complicated, but I can't think of any way to describe it). This allows my arm to provide a little stablizing resistance. Then using my left hand, I counterhold the wheel and break it loose. About a 5-10 minute job on the 560.
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