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Thumbs up W124 Instrument cluster removal

I just wanted to share with you my experience in removing the instrument cluster in my 95 E220 W124.

I've read quite a number of threads regarding this and most of them were helpful but really a pain to do..... my patience run out.

Anyway, here's what I did:

1. Remove the black plastic cover just above the gas & brake pedals.

2. Pull out the light switch & unscrew the nut holding the light switch & cover.

3. Pull out the light switch cover gently towards you, then pull outwards to free the plastic clip/hook.

4. Gently pull out the ignition switch cover from the steering column end to free the plastic clip. Once the clip has been pulled out, pull the cover towards the steering column to free the plastic hook.

5. Once the plastic covers have been removed, unscrew all the 8mm screws holding the lower panel of the dash. 5 screws on top & 2 below.

6. Take out the lower dash panel & you should be able to access the lower back of the Instrument cluster and push it out.

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