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I wouldn't say i was so attached to it that i couldn't get rid of it, it is my first(and only!) car, so yeah there is somewhat of an attachment. i don't mind the repars going over the value of the car, infact i think i've already crossed that line. i just figured dumping 2-3k every year in maintainance to the car is still cheaper than signing away 20k or more on a newer one. i intend to get a new car when i graduate in a couple of years and just need this one to carry me till then. but if it's going to cost as much to keep this one running for the next 2 years as it will to just buy a new one, then i might as well get a new one. this car is pretty solid, i would be nice if it had little features like a cupholder though anway, thanks for ur advice again. if i did get a new car, i was looking @ the Jettas. i know the older models are bad news, but i hear they've fixed the probs. this true? thanks again
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