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Angry I dont believe this *****(When I mess up I do it in grand fashion)

You wont believe this *****(sorry for the expletives). First off, for some reason unbeknownst to me, I cant seem to tighten my serpentine belt. Already ruined 2, count'em 2 tensioner adjusters. Unbelieveable. Then with the hood fully opened I tried to back my car up alittle (still cant figure out why), my hood ornament gets caught in the clothesline, instead of the d*mn emblem breaking, it snaps my hood backwards, then it shoots fowards but never passes the nook which keeps the hood fully opened. I figured no harm done. BULL*****!!! The hinge on the passengerside is bent. I cant even close the D*MN HOODnow.
Now, not only cant I figure out what's the problem with me tightening the belt (must wait for the next adjuster to come) but now my hood is 1/4 of the way open...

I really hope this means something good is about to happen. This ***** all started with charging the ac and for some stupid reason I decided to change the belt. It did look glazed so I figured since I'm under the hood I might as well change the belt..I feel like an IDIOT .

How can I tell if the tensioner is shot altogether..The car does have 200k mi on it?
1986 300E

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