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Did you know almost every person I heard that changed a fan clutch it never fixed their problem. Listen to the suggestions they have posted and go from there. Dont go buy a fan clutch just yet . Remember that the radiator has to be hot enough for the viscous fan clutch to tighten up and engage. So if your radiator isnt hot all the way across no fan engagment. If radiator is warm up top but cold towards bottom you either got a bad thermostate or clogged radiator. If the system has air in it from a coolant leak you will overheat. If the radiator cap is bad and wont hold pressure then you will overheat. See where I am going with this. Consentrate on diagnosis and not parts replacing . As for auxillary fans they will come on when the a/c high side reaches around 300 or so . First you need to find why its overheating , a/c off .
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