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is brake fluid corrosive on metal?

I know--and am well aware--that brake fuid will damage paint. I've experienced this when this careless M-B independent shop spilled fluid around the brake-fluid resevoir. The fluid peeled or bubbled the paint within the engine bay. Of course, it's under the hood, so no one will see it. But what worries me most is the huge amount of fluid sprayed on my hood pad. I don't care much about the paint damage on the inner hood, but will the fluid damage the metal? Because the fluid pretty much soaked into the hood pad, it is difficult to just wipe off the fluid from the metal surface. I did get towels and sponged the excessive fluid, but there is a moist spot.

This incident happened months ago, and the area where the fluid was sprayed has since dried. But should I worry about rust or corroded metal in that spot of the hood?

Weird question, I know, considering that brake fluid touches metal components of the brake system. But I have to ask!

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