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And we have a winner! Thanks so much. That's the answer I was looking for, a 7 mm hex.
Yeah, I know--I figured out the oil change on my own, and NOW it's easy, but the first time was frustrating as hell.
I did see the official repair just said "remove" it didn't say how. Now that was funny.

In normal brake repairs, I remove the cap from the brake fluid fill to relieve the pressure before compressing the piston. However, the ORP says it differently--open it up at the caliper? (I'd have to look at it again--I found it online somewhere). Would it still work to open at the cap? It keeps the system nominally "sealed" and deters from the need to bleed the brakes.

But I will check out the DIY section thoroughly before I try again--this coming weekend now.

And all the comments have been helpful--If I can save money doing it myself, I can afford the expensive brake pads. How in the world did I believe that just because I bought a ten year old car it would be cheaper to take care of?
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