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Valve seals replacement DIY, help ?

Hi everybody,

Well.. i got Mercedes 300E 86, 170k(still driving good.I like the car) on the clock which stops working long time ago, canot imagine hom many miles it actually has. I am interested into learning about fixing cars by myself,to cut the costs and also is good to know how to do that. My car is burning oil and smokes blue on start ups( up to 5 minutes after start), then no smoke visible after that, well... i am planning to buy a second car so i am going to try to replace valve seals first to fix the smoke. I am asking for advice, what do i need to have in my garage to perform such a task, i heard i need air compressor. I am gonna take time and get stuff i need while driving the seond car, Please advice me about that, i would also like to hear from your experience what difference did it make for your car after replacing valve seals( as blue smoke is concerned)?
Also what 103 engine repair manuals are the best on the market and where to buy them? I was searching for them but i noticed there is not many repair manuals for mercedes available around.
Thanx for future advices
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