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Hard shifting between 1st and 2nd


I'm a new Mercedes owner (1993 400E automatic) and have a question. When I took the car out for a test drive before I bought the car, I noticed that the transmission shifted fairly hard between first and second but nice and smooth between the other gears. (The car slips into drive or reverse smoothly.) I had never driven a Mercedes before and I was so concerned about it that I put a condition on the sale stating that I would have the car checked at a Mercedes dealer. I took the car to a local Mercedes shop and let the shop foreman take the car for a drive. He assured me that the hard shift was normal between first and second and that only on the newer Mercedes is the hard shift eliminated because of newer technology. I accepted the shop foreman's explaination and bought the car.
Do you find that your Mercedes has the same condition?
I guess I'm looking for some reassurance from another source besides the shop foreman.
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