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190 transmission question

I just found a guy locally that has some 190's laying around, doesn't know anything about them. So I go take a look.

2 of them have manual transmissions, just what I am looking for. I run the VIN's via russian site. One is a standard 190d with om601 engine and 5 spd transmission. The other one is a M102 engine with 5spd. The question is...

Which one do I want for my '87 300d? I want to do a 5spd swap. The 190d has 200k on it and the other 100k. I forgot to look at the rear end ratio's while I was there.

I need to have an idea what tools to take to pull the transmission, shifter stuff, pedal ass'y, drive shaft. Do you think I can do it myself? I have put a transmmison in a f150 by myself but I was much younger.

190d is 717.410
190e is 717.411

Gear Ratio
717.404----------------4.08, 2.52, 1.77, 1.26, 1.00, R4.16, D3.07
717.410----------------4.23, 2.36, 1.49, 1.00, 0.84(0.81), R4.63, D3.42(3.23) (3.91>11/85)
717.411----------------3.91, 2.32, 1.42, 1.00, 0.78

I know very little about gear ratio's.

Any help would be great
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