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thanks so much for all your advice! How can you know all that?
It's amazing!!!
By moving from cold to hot, the center vents ALMOST shut down - just a little air continues to flow. This little air becomes hot after
a while, but mostly on the passenger's side, as I said. I am wondering if this is the case because the aux water pump doesn't switch on because here in california it's never under 50 degrees...?
As soon as the dial is on max. heat mode, the blower motor
switches to it's lowest gear - maybe because it's just not cold
enough in the car? Would that be a possible explanation?
Is the system built in a way that it just blows lots of hot air into the car if it's REALLY cold? I hope it's like that, this could mean that my car is working OK then.
The whole heating/cooling system wasn't in use for years, so when I bought the car, I got a new servo and replaced all the vacuum lines that were leaking (lots of them!!). A/C and everything actually works great now, and if I know if the heating circuit also is supposed to behave like it does now, I would be very happy.
Thank you so much for all your time and expertise helping me!!!
Best regards, T.
1980 300D, 156K
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