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I've been following this thread and am amazed also at Steve's knowledge of this system.I also have a type 2 acc system and was wondering about the 2 amp fuse that supplies an always hot power supply to the acc amp.Steve you mentioned that the aux pump should only come on when the ambient temp is about 50,my pump circulates briefly when I shutoff the system or if the system is left on and the key is turned on for glow plugs.I thought this was normal,the only function I don't have with mine is ac,but I've never looked into fixing it.
About the 2 amp fuse,I found (after 2 years) the fuse holder,empty,under the relay cover.I traced the circuit on the schematic and it is a secondary power lead for the amp.I've replaced the fuse and the only difference I've found is the aux pump will briefly cycle with the key off.I have the MB service CD but the testing procedure is a little daunting.. BTW the aux pump seems to work no matter the temp.Thank you in advance .
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