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190E 3.0 engined

Well, after driving my 300TE followed by the 190E, I realised how great the 190 would be with the 3.0 engine, especially as they are 188 bhp in Europe without catalyst. It should hopefully be cheap (cheaper than a 16v or 500E!!) too.

I have searched, and some say the engine will bolt in - is this the case if I have a 4-cyl currently - and is the 4-cyls radiator compatible?

Assuming I got one with the ECU, is there enough pressure from the 190e's fuel system, or do I need to upgrade that - and would I just upgrade the 1 fuel pump? And of course, does the transmission bolt right up, as mine was reconditioned recently.

That should be it I hope... if so, I'm gonna start looking for a good-condition motor to fit it! I have access to a fully-kitted indy's workshop, so actually doing the swap shouldn't be tricky.

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