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I just replaced the transmission filter in my 94 S500. Now when I put the car in gear, it does not move, and seems to just be in neutral.
One thing I did notice is that the old filter had 2 rubber plugs, 1 on each end
on a steel strip that ran through the filter. These plugs were not tight
against the sides of the filter. On the new filter, these plugs were tight
against the sides of the filter.
In thinking about it now, it seems like these plugs "should" be loose in
order for the filter to pick up the oil in the pan. Unless I find out something to the contrary, my plan is to take the pan back off and open those plugs in the the filter. That should let fluid go through the filter, which must be the problem here.
It seemed to be such a straight-forward R&R, it MUST be something basic like that.
Any ideas on what I may have done wrong???Thanks,
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