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Wobbly ride

Question for those of you familiar with the R129 SL -- I have a 95 SL320 that I purchased as a Starmarked vehicle from my local MB dealer about a year ago. My car has about 58K miles on it. I really enjoy the car, but have noticed recently that it feels wobbly when I drive without the hardtop on. Is this normal? In other words, should I be experiencing any difference in ride quality if I have the hardtop on versus off? For example, if I go over a bump or dip in the road with my hardtop off, my car seems to lose its composure pretty easily. However, if I go over that same bump or dip with my hardtop on, the car takes the road imperfection in stride (nearly -- the car is equipped with 18" AMG sport package rims = very firm ride). Not sure if I'm experiencing the infamous "cowl shake", but the wobbly feel has really asserted itself these past few months and is driving me nuts. Unfortunately, I've resorted to leaving the hardtop on all of the time (seems silly given that I bought the car because its a convertible). I would appreciate any advice / input?

On a separate note, do changes in the weather increase the likelihood of squeaks and rattle sounds? Now that the weather has warmed up a bit, my SL is beginning to make all sorts of noises that I've never heard before.

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