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Could someone shed some light ( bright please) on the proceedure and tools needed to do the water pump on a 104 engine (24 valve) 1992 CIS? injection. Do I need to invest in the Snap on tool or am I stuck trying to get my ex wife's hand in there? LOL
This looks impossible. I can see one bolt thru a mirror and flashlight. The bottom bolt should be accessible with the proper hex key socket lengths and a wobble.
The top one is a killer. I can only see it with a flashlight. It is a good possibility that it is not a water pump bolt as it appears to be under the #1 intake runner but does have the same size and markings as the other bolt. There is a pink bolt that looks like it is holding a engine cover in place.

Please help!!! I need to get this puppy on the roads and I am not willing to go ask my local tech to borrow his tools so I will have to order some.

Maybe we could get someone ( hint hint ) to address the problems of DYI's and offer specialty tools that you only need to use once. Just think a water pump, instructions and all the tools you need to do the job. Just return the tools prepaid and they credited back to your credit card. They would make their money on increased sales and a different market group. Ones that want to work on thier own but find it cheaper to find an after hours tech to do it for you. This is due to the out lay for the tools.A very good reason to let someone else do it while you go play golf.

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