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Advise on 300E Fan Clutch

I just finished installing a new water pump & belt & hoses. All went OK thanks to many of you who have posted info about replacing the water pumps !! Thanks.

While testing out everything after WP install I became aware that my fan clutch really never gets "tight" even after engine is in normal temp range. When engine is cold it is easy to spin the fan blades -- there is no bearing noise at all. I expected it to be much tighter coupled and harder to spin the fan blades once the engine temp had heated the clutch, but it appears to be loosly coupled hot or cold.

Is my clutch behaving normally?

My engine temps look OK to me; never rises over the un-numbered mark which is between 80 and 120.

If this is not working as it should are the units repairable? There is a 1/2" small green rubber washer ? Is this some sort of fill cap for some fluid or What?

Advise sought ... I plan to just drive it unless something is amiss.


87 300E 183K
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