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Question 300SE website w/ features or online owners' manual?

Well, first an update on my 300SE saga. I got a second MB mechanic out to see the '90 SE ,charcoal/grey,and all seems fine. It may need a tune up in the next 10,000 or so the fellow said. But, before the MB mechanic got there guess what happened? the seller called to tell me that the first mechanic that looked at the car (the guy who said I need to change valves every 40k) called and made the seller an offer! The seller was surprised and called me to see what was going on. To his credit, he said he would not sell to the mechanic until I made my decision.

Anyway, my question is, is there a website for me to check to see the features of the 300SE in 1990 or an on-line owners' manual? I've been checking but their site is out of service for a while this AM.

Thank you all for your help. Hopefully I'll be an S class owner shortly.

Ron Brooks
Ron Brooks
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