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Thanks Charles & Steve for your help. I had the opportunity to study the problem in detail, and the diagnostic told me that the compressor was not running, even with the engine running. I got the fault codes and everything and I was about to post the result when I noticed that a connection was loose at the compressor. Presto, and the a/c is working fine now. I guess it must have been a power supply or something to the compressor.

Anyhow, I'm glad my parents have saved big bucks, and kinda pissed off that the mechanic may have been trying to take my elderly parents for a ride. Well, I guess it's time for a new mechanic.

Charles, are you in Taipei? I was an investment banker covering Taiwan & Korea a few years back, and visited Taipei & Shinzhu Science Park several times. Great tasting food, extremely hot weather. Always stayed at the Sherwood. Enjoyed the snake alley but didn't have the courage to drink the snake drink. Thanks again for your help.

Edward Cho
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