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Talking New to forum...same old problems

I did a search on the forum and didnt find the information I was seeking so I'm looking for a little help...

Make a long story short, I got sold a lemon and its a 190E. It has a very rough idle and no acceleration at start. It runs fine on highway, so it seems. I would like to change out the fuel filter but thought I'd make a post here and see if there were any helpful hints in doing so before I got started...first thing I'd like to know is where its at and if I need to take the whole car apart to get to it.

Another of the long list of items that I would like to work on is the belt squeeling/chirping when the ac is on. I checked the belt and it seems loose but I'm not sure if you can tighten these manually or if some type of auto tightener wheel is shot. Any help would be great.

Tried to go online and purchase a subscription to Chiltons but they dont have MB available online. Anyone in Houston area know where to get a hard copy locally, pls share!

Great info on this forum and glad to be a member now!

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