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OK Jim you are right on target so far. So far I owe you several cold ones.

I removed the EGR valve and sure enuf, as you predicted, it was plugged. I managed to clean it out and I put it back on the car. I tested it by idling the engine and using my vacuum pump to open the valve. I still did not notice any change in the idle. When the valve was off the engine, I started it to see if there was any air flow into the EGR pipe. There was some. The engine ran rough, but it did run. It sounds like I need to clean out the pipe next. The only problem is that it is a real b*tch to get the manifold end off. I think I have to remove the intake manifolds to get it off. I was wondering if I could roto-rooter the thing out from the valve end and then suck up the debris somehow. The last thing I want to do is remove all the intake stuff.

If I do manage to roto-tooter the thing out and I get some carbon junk sucked into the cylinders do you think that would hurt anything, or would it pass thru without harming anything?

Is an E320 a six cylinder engine?
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