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99 E class blower regulator

Hi everyone. I've read this forum for years, but this is my first post.

I saw the answer to this question in a post a couple of years ago, but I've searched and cannot find it. The search terms turned up over 300 posts!

I have a 99 E class, and the blower motor regulator finally went out completely. For the last year, I've been able to pull a few tricks to get it working again, but now it's out completely.

As you mechanics know, the dealer states that the original regulator has been superceded, and it requires the replacement of the blower motor too... at a cost of several hundred dollars.

I read here before that the regulator from a mid-2000's M class can be easily modified to fit an E class (just some wire splicing).

Can anyone tell me which M class and what year range?

Should I trust one from a junk yard? I suppose this would be OK, since these are supposedly a better design.

Thank you in advance.
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