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Question Bad Oxygen Sensor?

My car is smoking. (1987 420SEL 99,000 miles) I can drive it around for about 45 min before white smoke starts coming out of the tail pipe. I asked a mechanicly inclined freind and he said it might be the O2 sensor.
His theory is that the O2 sensor is on it's way out but not bad enough to trip the little light on the dash. He claims the car starts smoking after 45 min becouse the sensor gets hot, sends a bad signal to the motor, and makes the engine run way to rich. I have noticed bad fuel economy but to be honest I haven't had the car to long and I'm not sure what to expect. Is this possible?
I know it may be the head gasket but if it was wouldn't it smoke all the time? I hope it's not.....I don't wanna spend the money. WHO DOES?! WHAT IS GOIN ON?
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