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I'll check to see if the master cylinder was bench bled and what he thought about the caliphers. I've got the car back and the brake is hard and braking is harder and the car doesn't stop easily but I can manage I hope !!

When I get home all of your ideas will be passed along to my neighboring mechanic and I'll ask him to "help me" (means: fix it for me) get replacements to rear caliphers and front, if needed, rotors... think I oughta bite the bullet and do rotors, too?... rear brake lines checked to see if they are clogged. Anything else?

Sam, the mechanic here in Germantown (where I am visiting), checked the vacuum and said it was good. I remember a post discussing a broken check valve... but, he would've detected that right off, huh? Sam is a trusted friend of my family here and I know I and my little 220D have been in the best hands. I spoke with him about many of the ideas presented here and he patiently listened but he already knew (much more than I).

I've ANOTHER PROBLEM! The car's huge Interstate battery will not start the car, even after being jumped off and driven for 1/2 hour. I turned it off and tried... dead. Here's what I think has happened: Before I left, the car's alternator light was slightly aglow (and I knew the former owner's soldering job that he was unsure about and said "have it resoldered by someone who can reach it") so I checked the wires he showed me. Sure enough, they were apart and when I touched them together the alternator light went out. So another helper friend and I took the wire, stripped it slightly more, and attached it to a bolt. No more light, no more problem....
In the Chilton manual for '68-'73 MBs, on page 84, it says:
4. If the molded connector is disconnected from the alternator, do not ground the hot wire. There MIGHT have been some sort of molded metal connector on the wire that we stripped. I can't remember... but, could we have grounded the hot wire? I think we attached it to the alternator and not the engine block. The alternator was recently rebuilt by an expert mechanic and reinstalled by the former owner.

Oh, yeah. The car started when jumped off with another battery.


I am going to talk to Sam this evening. Please help me some more!!
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