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Gas in intake?

So today, i took out my throttle actuator to rewire it....easy....

as i removed the resonance flap (box above the intake) i could see some liquid in there (probably some oil), but there is a really strong smell of gas??? yikes.....

where is the gas coming from....???

car has a mixture problem (obviously), throwing codes 9, 13 on pin 8 ....

I can think of two locations for gas to come in:

1-Fuel pressure modulator: but i did pull the vacum hose multiple times, and never smelt gas or seen any liquids.

2-My Purge valve seems to be stuck wide open, with no pulsation.

Please advise, as i am worried this could be a bigger problem somewhere..i hope not
1993 300E, 2.8 M104 .....
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