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oil pump chain R/R

1. I did the searched thing but not many talk about it.

2. Need to replace my timing chain on my 88 260E (103 engine/124 body) soon itís over 270K and so fair as I know it has not have this done, I got the car at 220K and the last owner has no clue. This part seems straightforward, I have all the parts, specialty tools and adhesives, since Iím in the area Iím going to do the oil pump chain too.

3. The following are questions I have concerning R/R of the oil pump chain:
. a. During the process when I remove the oil pan (oil sump per service manual), will it come off without the engine being out of the car? Can I just disconnect the motor mounts and hoist it up a few inches and pull the pan out in a forward direction?
. b. Do I have to disconnect the transmission then drive shaft?
. c. What kind of sealant do I use if any when the pan goes back on or the new gasket will do?
. d. Is there any timing issue that I need to be concerned about (oil pump chain part) that I must rotate teeth by teeth and keep it on the sprocket?
. e. Anything else I should replace while in this area?
. f. How often that this chain needs to be replaced, about 150K like the timing chain? Itíll be convenience if this is correct.

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