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Well, it got everything back together today. Reconnected the battery and it started right up. Runs steady and smooth with no smoke out of the tailpipe. After a couple minutes I got a lot of smoke around where the exhaust manifold meets the block. There is a lot of old caked on oil and grit all over. I assume some of that just needs to burn off.

Also at about the same time that starts to happen I get blue smoke out of the tailpipe. Might this be from old caked oil heating up and getting burned off or might I have a bigger issue? When I first start it from cold it runs nice and clean with no smoke. The underhood smoke and tailpipe smoke start pretty much at the exact same time. At this point I shut the car down since it becomes obnoxious.

I have a couple cans of Gumout engine cleaner laying around from another old car I used to have. I'm just concerned using it high up on the engine here since this about where the spark plugs are located. Should I just disconnect the wires and keep them up high, hit the engine with the cleaner, let it do its thing, rinse off and let dry before reconnecting? I can't imagine anything would get hurt in that scenario.
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