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Was this a simple software update? Alas, Mercedes is not quite so computer savvy. The control module hardware had to be replaced, at a cost of $600 for the part and $140 for labor. Of course, this was covered under warranty. I've had the car for almost a week now, and it does seem to be shifting much better. I can now control downshifts with the pedal whereas they were never predictable before. The downshift wait time is also dramatically reduced. Now, if I could only get that turbo to spin up faster! Another problem I had, slow downshifting into 1st at a complete but short stop, has been dramatically reduced but not eliminated. It still takes about 1/2 second longer than I'd like. You tend to notice these things in cutthroat traffic like we have in Tampa. According to some study last year, we have one of the most hostile driving environments in the U.S.

BTW, the shift maps for the 2000 C230 Kompressor I had as a loaner were perfect. Best auto box I ever drove, so MB does seem to be learning.

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