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Originally Posted by SilverFox123 View Post
Hi there,
I just picked up an "'8-day" VDO clock at a yard sale ... the ol' fella who had it only mentioned to the seller (his son) that it was from an old Mercedes. I'm a huge W123 diesel nut but I must admit I'm not too familiar with any 50's/60's accessories. I did remember hearing about the 190SL's in the late 60's having "8-day" clocks and from looking online, this one is close but not identical. If anyone has any info on the thing I'd love to find out more. Here are a few pics....
There are no 190SL cars made in the late 60s, I think you mean late 50s.

This looks like the replacement to the wind-up clock that MB had in their fintails and the PERHAPS the W114-115 models (68-74).

Does it work accurately? That would be a first, I've never seen an older clock that was accurate, or kept running.

Some of these clocks, maybe not MBs, had a capacitor that would act as a pacemaker and jolt the clock to keep working over more than a 24 hour period, if the car was left parked say, for three days.
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