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to keep or not to keep 86 190E 2.3

This forum is great. My first post so please help me out. I have a 1986 190E 2.3 with 150K miles. The engine has been rebuilt about three years ago. Here is my situation. The air conditioner blows moderately cool air but nothing to write home about. I have had the freon checked and it is full. Second the front end has started making a horrible creaking sound when I turn the wheels. I am pretty sure I need new struts but I am worried about what else might be causing these sounds. Lastly when I had my oil changed this last time the mechanic told me the front and rear "oil seals" are leaking. I really like this car but should I get these things fixed. The master plan would be to drive this car for another year and let my kids drive it as a first car. Any suggestions? Should I keep it and fix it and if so any idea about what amount I might have to spend or should I just say enough already and look for another.
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