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E320 will not start - cam adjuster - HELP?

Dear Forum:

My E320 1995 will not start! The idle was not perfect and it rattled a little but if put in neutral it was very smooth. However, the car was hard to start one morning. Needed to be cranked over a couple of times and subsequently did not start the next morning!

No spark..

2 month old coils and spark plug wires as well as spark plugs and O2 sensor.....and the wiring harness is OK..

My spark plugs are be wet so I know I get fuel..

I get error code 24 is the CKP sensor or magnet for position sensor not recognized.

I replaced CKP and CAM sensor as well as ECU and OVP relay..

If I reset the ECU I get a spark for two tries and then it is blocked and the error code 24 appears again...

I now put a scope directly on the CKP (yellow trace) and Cam sensor (magenta trace) pins at the ECU and measured the attached trace. It seems the senor output are correct but I am not sure about the timing!

I also checked the cam adjuster magnet. It has 5 Ohms resistance and if I ground it it will energize and I hear a click! It draws about 2 A.

Here is the catch! IF I energize the adjuster magnet the timing between the CKP and CAM sensor does not change! Is my adjuster magnet stuck in the position used at high RPMs? Do I have to open the top of the engine?

Did anybody come across this? I need my car back it has taken too long and one workshop already gave up on it!

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