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Well, the time has come to make room in the stable for a vehicle that is less maintenance intensive than the mighty 6.9. I got a call last night, and the deal was worked out. Boy I'll really be sad to see it go , but at some point, another one WILL reside in my garage. In the meantime, I am going to give my Jensen Interceptor some more British company and scout out a Triumph TR6. We had one a long time ago, and I still have yet to find any car that sounds quite like a TR6. Besides, before we sold our old one, I quickly snatched the triple Weber setup off of it, so it now eagerly awaits some more action. Anyone have any good leads on a nice TR6? I know I'm asking in the wrong place, but there's bound to be someone out there who'll know. I mainly want a good body. I don't care if the engine runs or not (but CAN'T be frozen!) because it is going to receive the hi-po treatment (carbs, cam, header, and Monza pepperpots). As always, any info would be greatly appreciated! P.S.--Note that anything non-MB does NOT get mentioned in the signature

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