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I HAD a collection of TDM's (Technical Data Manuals) and those things list just about any dimension or spec a person would need. I have ONE left which is a 1975, which of course pre-dates the 123 chassis, but figured it wouldn't hurt to look to see if they listed some general spec on variation in the wheelbase. They list the wheelbase dimension as being "R" (they have various length checks, especially diagonal ones, for checking after an accident I'd assume), but no where do they list any spec for "R" or a variation. In an introductory section they do list the wheelbases for the various chassis, with no other info, and nothing in section 40, which is rims and tires, which is where they list all the chassis specs.
I would also assume it should be within a few mm's. If the frame is straight and control arms and trailing arms not damaged, I don't know why it wouldn't be. You are concerned about the caster angle, which is good, but if the frame is straight, I don't know why one side would be seriously different than the other.
I don't know what you have available that you are checking this with, but a modern alignment machine will give the thrust angle, once you get everything aligned, see what the thrust angle is, if everything is in spec and the thrust angle near zero, then i don't know if I'd agonize over a difference in wheelbase.
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