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My 86 F250 failed the emissions opacity (smoke) test the first pass last time due to the amount of oil it burns. I installed a blowby vapor trap to catch the oil and it passed just fine.

Its time for another test - fortunately, the last one it will ever see (vehicles over 25 years old are exempt). I just cleaned out the oil trap system. I'm going to install a temporary road draft tube, run it hard for 20-30 miles to warm it up and flush/burn all the residual oil out of the system, and then reconnect the oil vapor trap - right before rolling into the emissions station. Hopefully it will pass.

If it doesn't I have to take it to a certified emissions repair station and spend a minimum of $150 on emissions-related repairs to get a waiver. For an old IDI diesel that would mean having the timing adjusted and or the injectors cleaned - 'cause there isn't much else they can do that would qualify as an emissions repair...

My 84 MB already made its last trip through the emissions station last year, so that's no longer an issue.
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