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Unhappy Something is still loose

3 months ago, I had the timing chain cover taken off, cleaned and a new gasket installed and the tensioner shock replaced since I had the very common leaking everyone has heard about on the M103's.

I was wondering though, the loose noise I am hearing is the timing chain tensioner? It is a very hard sound to describe. It eminates from the front end of the car, it happens in 2nd and 3rd gear from around 1500-3000 rpm. It stops above that and there is no loss of power or anything like that.

Car also has passed it's emissions test with flying colours and I mean flying colours!!! It barely recorded any NOX's!!!!

My transmission cooler lines are corroded badly. I have ordered a new set of lines/trans filter kit/gasket for $214.50 CAN$

This noise is so very hard to describe. It is almost a very light ratcheting noise but very soft aswell.

Odometer reads 152 000kms as I write this...

Please offer anything you can guys!!!! thank you
190E 2.6 - 244 000 km
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