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William Tobin
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Steering Box Adjustment. 1989 300E

I would like to tweak the old-world steering gear on my 300E as I notice some wander in wind and grooved roadways. (anyone who has driven Rt 20 from Dallas to Tyler will know what I'm talking about). I looked at all the archived threads regarding this and have looked under, on top, all over and cannot find any adjusting screws/lock bolts on the steering box with which to twist. Am I just not looking hard enough? I have about 2 inches of free travel before the wheels begin to move.
BTW...If I could graft the Volvo's rack and pinion steering on the Benz it would be a better car! Hard to beat Volvo's steering IMHO.

Thanks! This is a great board!

1991 Volvo 740 112k miles
1991 Maxima 190k miles
1989 300E 118k miles
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