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There's a barb under the crimp ferrule on that hose. Gitcha some 5/16" or 8 mm ID hose that's bio safe. Drain the tank (I just run the tank low by driving, then place the under-hood return line into a 5-gal jug and let the engine pump itself dry). Remove the hose by loosening the worm clamp on the line end and then unscrewing from the tank end (17 mm?). Cruise over to the workbench and use all manner of dremels, die grinders, hack saws, tin snips, and whathaveyou to mangle the ferrule off. Cut off the remainder of the hose. Screw the newly-bare barb back into the tank. Install your new rubber (about 12" 300 mm maybe) and TWO worm clamps (you'll need one more than is on the car now). You'll probably want to change the return line then, too, but it already has two clamps so it's easy. The bigger 3/8" 10 mm line is for the tank vent, don't worry about it IMO.
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