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I lowered 400E's temperature!

This is a hot summer, with A/C on, the coolant temperature of my 92 400E fluctuates between 100 and 110 in the city, 100 on highway drive, turning off A/C makes little difference.

My coolant is new, auxiliary fans are in good condition, so I couldn't believe this high temperature is normal, my Ford Explorer's coolant temperature was steady at middle even when I was towing 1500 lbs tent trailer, going uphill with A/C on!

I had been suspecting the viscous Fan clutch for a while, but since the new part is so expensive, why just nail the viscous fan clutch to the pulley, and let it on all the times? I decided to give it a try, I just loosed one of the four 10 mm bolts on the viscous fan pulley, after a few turns, it reached the viscous fan, applied just enough pressure to the viscous fan to hold them together.

I then gave it a test drive, the result was amazing, now the temperature shows steadily at 90 degree regardless of driving condition, just like any other car I have owned. It didn't run cooler than this even in last winter(Canadian winter).

I can feel fan blowing at rpm higher than 1500, my question is if I can keep it like that, is there any thing harmful?
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