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i'm trying to keep this thread up to get more exposure. i'd like to get one of these for my m104 as i like your description of your car's temp characteristics. the resistor mod does keep things in check but temps can fluctuate depending on the resistance value you use. i am using a higher temp cut in than what most everyone else is using because it keeps my temps at 90C most times without the aux fans. however, in high temp situations it can fluctuate from 85C to 100C from the high speed fan cutting in and out. i think that with this fan clutch, the resistor mod will no longer be needed. here's a couple of items that might be of interest.

-there are 82C thermostats available which you may want to try. this won't affect your warmup as the 70C did and may even prevent the viscuous fan clutch from engaging all the time. i am thinking about trying one of these too next coolant change.

-doing a search on sachs viscous fan clutches, i saw complaints about their failure and overheating which resulted in warped heads in older BMW's. i guess that is why MB has the high speed aux fans as a failsafe.
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