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Ac Woes!

Put a new compressor and dryer on my '88w124. Had the system vacuumed and tried to charge with refrigerent. The thing just won't suck. I can get maybe a can in and then it just stops. Thought I should change the expansion valve as the search says to do so too. Anyway, still no suction. Have any of you guys ever put in a brand new rebuild from Mercedes and found that it was bad? The clutch does engage as I can see that the compressor is spining and not just the pulley. It is hot here in Sacramento and I have had it for ideas. I just spent $460 plus 50 for the drier and 37 for the expansion valve and at this point all I have is an expensive idler pulley drat! Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Help pull me threw this. My wife says "sell it and buy an Explorer". OUCH!


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