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Originally Posted by BodhiBenz1987 View Post
Billybob, thanks so much for that writeup ... it's really a huge help, more helpful than the FSM so far!
Unfortunately I'm stuck on getting the subframe mounts out of the replacement subframe. I've tried making a tool out of a harbor freight bearing puller bracket mounted on a long bolt and large washers and a nut, but the bracket is not strong enough, plus I can't find a washer that will push on the bottom of the mount evenly (it just kind of squishes it down) ... I'll try the pipe and plate method if I can find anything at Home Depot. I just wish the puller tool was available for rent in the tool rental list. I'm going to spend the next week just trying to make a tool and I'm really not good at that sort of thing, even though I have the basic idea in my mind. Frustrating.
Damn! Sorry, I usually tend to shy away from directly promoting the rental of my tools in threads I respond to, a little too self-serving. I figure if someone is looking for a tool to rent they will find it in the Tool Rental Thread, but I haven't listed the Klann tool for removing the rear sub-frame bushing mounts on 124/129/201 vehicles which I have available!

The proper tool, although it is designed to be used with the sub-frame still on the vehicle and it does a great job doing so, can of course be used directly on the mounts with the subframe off the vehicle also.

The mounts can be extremely difficult to remove as the outer rubber almost fuses to the sub-frame and every time you attempt to pull it the rubber just stretches. As I mentioned in the past I've applied fire to the area of the subframe into which the mount installs, once the area is hot enough, usually rubber in flames! The burning mount can be more easily removed (but flaming, melting, napalm-like rubber drops not withstanding)! Then after the destruction you can clean and repaint that area.

If you decide the correct tool is the way you want to proceed PM me and I'll send you the rental particulars, you could have it in about two days.
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